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  • “I think Kansas City Life’s No. 1 strength is its people.”
    Meet Chuck
    General Agent Chuck Cooper
    Agency Affiliation with Kansas City Life: 34 Years

    Master’s Financial Group
    6500 West 29th Street, Ste. 210
    Greeley, CO 80634

    General Agent Chuck Cooper, LUTCF™, CFP®, joined Kansas City Life in 1983 took over as the general agent of Master’s Financial Group in 1989. The agency’s main headquarters are located in Greeley, Colo., with a second branch in Grand Rapids, Mich. Chuck has continued his relationship with Kansas City Life for nearly 35 years because of the Company’s commitment to working with the field force.

    “The reason I continue to use Kansas City Life is during that period the industry’s changed dramatically and Kansas City Life has always maintained their competitive edge. They’re not afraid to add a new product when they need it and go into whole new markets.”

  • “As an independent business owner, you’re kind of out there alone. But with Kansas City Life, you’re part of a family.”
    Meet Josh
    General Agent Josh Millang
    Agency Affiliation with Kansas City Life: 9 Years

    Millang Financial Group
    1840 NW 118th St., Ste. 200
    Clive, IA 50325

    Josh Millang founded Millang Financial Group, LLC in West Des Moines, Iowa, in 2008. The agency is driven by the mission to recruit and develop superior professionals in the financial services industry.

    Josh and the members of Millang Financial Group acknowledge and appreciate the support received from Kansas City Life’s Home Office associates on a daily basis - especially when it comes to their product offerings.

    “One of the keys of us partnering with Kansas City Life was that it had to be a great product fit,” says Josh. “They’re not the first to get into any market and they’re not the first to get out of any market. When they decide to get into a product space, they get into it and they mean it. They manufacture competitive products and they stand behind them with their interest rate integrity.”

  • “Kansas City Life is different from other companies in one word – commitment.”
    Meet Brent
    General Agent Brent Crawford
    Agency Affiliation with Kansas City Life: 22 Years

    Crawford Financial Group
    303 South Bonner Street
    Ruston, LA 71270
    bcrawford@crawford-financial.com www.crawford-financial.com

    Crawford Financial Group is located in Ruston, La., and is led by General Agent Brent Crawford who took the reins of the agency from his father J.D. Crawford in 2012. The agency has partnered with Kansas City Life since 1985. Crawford Financial Group is committed to educating, informing and empowering clients by delivering the most accurate and timely financial information available. The agency is also dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services. By working together with Kansas City Life, the agency is able to meet their clients' needs with a wide variety of products and services.

    “When our customers do have issues or problems or things that need to be fixed, Kansas City Life stands behind us to get those problems fixed, which in turn helps our customer service to our clients.”

Become a General Agent

Imagine a successful career with Kansas City Life

When looking for a life insurance company to affiliate with, nothing exceeds the importance of

  • An exemplary company
  • Outstanding products and services
  • Comprehensive field development
  • Marketing support

Your success depends on building relationships with the right people – whether it’s the right clients, producers or the company you team with. At Kansas City Life, you have the opportunity to develop your business the way you choose. Our distinction is about giving you the freedom to be your own boss, build your business the way you want and earn as much as you want.

Kansas City Life rewards your growth and independence while capitalizing on your strengths to fulfill your personal goals. We’re about helping you work for yourself – not by yourself.

  • Support and Benefits

    Kansas City Life stands apart

    Kansas City Life has never followed the pack. We stay true to our commitment. Throughout industry highs and lows, we have consistently provided our nationwide system of general agencies with the tools and resources necessary to grow their businesses.

    This business philosophy packages the strength of our beliefs into a comprehensive general agency strategy for continued success.

    The advantages of becoming a General Agent are many

    The advantages of becoming a general agent with Kansas City Life are many. You’ll have to admit, very few people starting out in business for themselves have these opportunities.

    Through your loyal production of Kansas City Life business, you’ll experience:

    • Weekly commission checks or electronic funds transfer
    • First-year advanced sales commissions
    • Competitive renewals
    • Online commission statements
    • A non-contributory deferred compensation retirement program
    • Group Life and long-term disability insurance
    • On-site and Home Office training
    • Sales support and competitive analysis from Home Office Life Specialists
    • Online Sales Development Training and live webinars through www.kclic.net
    • Advanced sales support from the Home Office
    • Assistance in developing work-site marketing through Integrated Planning Strategies (IPS)
    • Top notch illustration and sales material support
    • An Internet-based portal for policyholder information
    • Toll-free access direct to your underwriter
    • A laptop computer available through a lease program
    • Tuition reimbursement for industry schools/course work/designations

  • Awards/Recognition

    Kansas City Life stands apart

    Kansas City Life recognizes performance excellence and rewards top producers’ hard work and loyalty. In addition to earning trips and attending award ceremonies, your production can earn you membership into the Company’s most exclusive clubs including Pinnacle of Performance, $50,000,000 Club, Hall of Fame and Century Club.

    • Annual sales contests with merchandise and travel prizes
    • Annual incentive clubs for you and your guest to destinations such as Lake Louise and Banff, Canada; Hawaii; Australia; Bermuda and the south of France
    • The President’s Quality Service Award
    • The Agency Building Award

    There’s no limit to what you can learn, earn and enjoy as a Kansas City Life agent.

  • Testimonials

    “Kansas City Life knows where they want to go and can help others get there. That’s refreshing in this industry.”
    General Agent Robert Tison, LUTCF™
    Jacksonville, Florida

    “I don’t think you could find a better company all around to do business with. You can call and talk to anyone in the Home Office and feel comfortable doing so. The Kansas City Life people are so nice, courteous and helpful no matter what the request might be. In 35 years with this company I cannot recall a single person ever being short of unkind to me.”
    General Agent Gary Chaney, CLU®
    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    “One of the reasons I continue to do business with Kansas City Life is the rich, family-like relationship I enjoy with them. It’s a true partnership and they really care about me as a producer and a General Agent. Kansas City Life’s support – whether marketing or training – always helps me get things done. It’s amazing but I don’t think ‘no’ is in their vocabulary.”
    General Agent Dennis Parrish
    Indianapolis, Indiana